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At AGEC, our strategy as a consulting firm to really add value for our clients is simple. It’s two-fold. First, our core abilities. The breadth and depth of our technical expertise is the tangible basis of the practice and the primary reason our clients approach us. In maturing civil engineering and construction sectors, the need for high-end technical evaluation, and the value that it can add to a project, is more greatly appreciated than it has ever been and it is our goal to provide our clients with a first class consulting service in the fields of engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, temporary works design and civil / structural engineering that can really bring value to the project.

Second are what I like to call the intangibles we bring to a project. Real quality service. As a small and specialist consulting firm, we rely on our reputation to win projects rather than the scale or size of the organisation. As far as our clients go, it’s as simple as this – we deliver. We have a proactive approach to consulting. We actively identify potential issues and resolve them practically and pragmatically instead of a passive approach resulting in additional costs and delays. We provide up-front senior management all the way through the project and we provide practical construction management and supervision. We place emphasis on technical nous leading to simpler and faster construction, good communication, scope for innovation and a best-for-project ethos.

In summary, we’re changing the landscape in consulting for the civil engineering and construction industries. We’re putting focus on providing a service that really adds value for our clients, saving them money and expediting project delivery.

TP Johnston
Managing Director

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