Creative Alliance - Custard Factory

Creative Alliance

THE Specialist Training Provider for Creative Apprenticeships in the Midlands.

Our purpose is to enable talent to get into and get on in the creative and cultural industries.

We do this through providing:

1. Creative careers education and employability skills programmes;
2. Creative apprenticeships, internships and traineeships;
3. Creative business support for people developing their creative enterprise.

We ensure that all our services are relevant, appropriate and credible to those who we work with:

• Every type of creative and cultural organisation / business;
• Schools, colleges and universities;
• Public sector agencies with a responsibility for developing learning and skills in this sector.

We are able to this because creative professionals design, develop and deliver all our services. This means:

• We understand how creative people think and how creative businesses work.
• We understand how people learn.
• We understand the nature of quality in this sector.

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