Matrix Virtual Reality - Custard Factory

Birmingham's creative quarter

Matrix Virtual Reality

Ready for the next-level in gaming? Visitors to Digbeth can now experience “maximum immersion” at the awesome Matrix Virtual Reality Arcade here at the Custard Factory.

The innovative new VR arcade, located right at the heart of the Custard Factory’s new courtyard, allows players to come and play a variety of different games, including shooters and horror, in a fun and quirky environment.

Virtual reality player

Matrix Virtual Reality proudly provides the highest spec computers on the market (the premium HTC VIVE) for the ultimate VR and gaming experience.

VIVE VR shot

Book a time slot (via the Matrix Virtual Reality website) and come to play a variety of games and/or watch a short movie on the impressive hardware, experiencing the very best that VR has to offer. Free Refreshments are available to customers!