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Mazepoint Ltd

Mazepoint helps its customers gather performance data and use it to reveal insights and solve problems that drive growth and profitability, adding measurable value to activities and users across the organisation.

We apply the best design principles to communicate information in an appealing and accessible way, using financial, statistical and market data. Mazepoint is an implementation partner of Tableau, Pentaho and Jedox as well as developing its own IT product range.

Providing services on both an outsourced and project-specific basis since 1998, we count major international corporates such as Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Nestle, NHS Foundation Trusts and The Home Office among our customers.

Mazepoint staff are certified in a number of key business and technology disciplines. We are a multi-lingual team, based in London and are ISO9000 and ISO27001 accredited.


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