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Give your office some personality with Red Candy!

Posted by Chris Pettitt on September 12, 2017

Colourful homewares company and Custard Factory resident, Red Candy, gives us some top tips on transforming your office to reflect your company’s personality. Plus, they are also offering an exclusive 20% discount code to all readers, and are giving away a £50 voucher to one lucky winner!

Having a strong culture and ethos is essential to a company’s success – that’s a given! But what a lot of people don’t realise is that it’s also important to reflect your company’s personality and culture in your work environment. Making your office unique to your business not only supports a strong brand message for visiting clients and customers, but also creates an inclusive and inviting atmosphere; making your employees feel like they are a part of a team – not just a company!

Of course it helps when your office is part of a vibrant and creative area (…such as The Custard Factory for example!!), but it’s important to look at your immediate office space too. Here at Red Candy we are all about products which are colourful, modern and a little bit different. Our office is therefore full of vibrant splashes of colour, fun designs and product inspiration (and quite a lot of sweets… but I digress!)

The writing’s on the wall

When looking to give your office a makeover, the first point of call should be the walls. Reflect your company’s individual personality by decorating your walls with paint, mottos, art and other inspiring décor. If your company deals with fashion, why not create a mural of inspiring style ideas and icons? If your business has a fun and playful ethos, why not decorate your walls with fun art pieces or photos of work dos? And even if your company has a smart and professional image, bringing your wall décor in line with your branding will create a strong message for both employees and visitors.

Add some colour

Adding a splash of colour to your office will instantly help create a more cheerful atmosphere! It doesn’t have to be painted walls; it could be colourful furniture, lighting fixtures or wall décor. There’s nothing worse than bland offices with no personality, so even little colourful touches will go a long way! Our motto is ‘Shut up, beige!’ so vibrant colour is not only a big part of our ethos, but our office too!

Hot desking

Desk space is another brilliant opportunity for showing off your company’s personality. Chances are your employees will spend a lot of their time at their desks, so make sure they are welcoming spaces with connections to your individual branding. Little touches such as planters, quirky pen pots and stylish stationery will make all the difference to your employees’ motivation. And if your company is vintage-inspired, why not invest in retro-style telephones for the office?

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