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Left for Dead revives the record market

Posted by Custard Factory on November 28, 2013

There’s a new record store in town!

After 22 years working in the music industry, Andrew Haddon has launched his own venture, Left for Dead, in the Custard Factory.

Left for Dead sells CDs and vinyls of all genres, ranging from niche records to more mainstream music. As Andrew  puts it, “you won’t find X factor artists, but you will find Jaco Pastorius.”

Andrew started in the industry at 19 when began as a Christmas temp at HMV. After 12 more happy years at HMV, he went on to manage independent record stores across the UK, throughout the Midlands, Bristol, Manchester and Cambridge.

So why Birmingham?

“Birmingham is screaming out for record shops. It is such a big city with such a big musical legacy, yet there are very few places for music lovers to gather and shop.

“Last year I took a year off travelling as a honeymoon and I was inspired by the record shop scene in countries like Australia and the possibilities of bringing this to the UK and particularly to Birmingham. I new that after so many years of managing stores I was ready to set up on my own.

“I managed ‘Rise’ in Bristol’s west end for a long time and the atmosphere was very like the Custard Factory – full of creative, imaginative people with the ides and the energy to make things happen – so I knew this was the place to be in the city.

“Music retail is really developing  down here, with regular record fairs and I am very excited about the future. There is scope to create not just a shop, but a whole new music scene with a programme of fairs, gigs and festivals that bring together the city’s community of music lovers.”

And why is it called Left for Dead? “There seems to be a myth among some people that the record industry is drawing its last dying breath, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vinyl sales are actually up and there is plenty of market demand. It’s just about giving people good, strong independent stores that know the market and have the kind of products that people want to buy.”

Left for Dead is situated beside Scott Lake in the Custard Factory. The website is coming soon but you can follow it on facebook here

The Custard Factory is also home to record store Milque and Muhle, which launched this summer.