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New to the Custard Factory! Mobile tech agency Sync Interactive!

Posted by Chris Pettitt on June 27, 2017

There’s another exciting new arrival to ‘Digital Digbeth’ in the shape of leading mobile marketing agency Sync Interactive.

The tech company’s MD Mark Holland told us more about Sync’s innovative work and why they chose to make the move to the Custard Factory’s creative community.

What do Sync Interactive do?

As one of the UK’s leading mobile marketing agencies, we specialise in creating iOS & Android mobile applications that help clients to engage with their customers, increase internal productivity, promote new products and services, drive footfall to their business locations, create new revenue streams and ultimately increase their sales. Our previous clients include the BBC, Channel 4, NHS, Peugeot, Lynx, Unilever, Estée Lauder, Davidoff and many high street chains and brands we can’t mention due to NDAs!

We produce a wide range of mobile solutions in house, from sales and marketing apps, internal and enterprise systems, healthcare, automotive, business promotional, branded mobile games, cross platform and Facebook games, augmented reality and we are currently producing more and more virtual reality apps as well.

Whilst our focus is on mobile, we also offer a full range of design services, and offer everything from branding, online and offline design and print, web design, exhibition design, digital illustration and much more.

In short, our mission statement is:


How did Sync Interactive come about?

Sync Interactive started in late 2011 and have been based over in Birmingham Science Park for the last 5 years. We’ve moved over here to the Custard Factory in May to a bigger office and to be closer the hub of the Birmingham creative community.

With a team of five, me (MD), Stephen Jones (Art Director), Daniel Tejada (iOS & Android developer), Dan Hillman (iOS developer) and Abdullah Awan (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Games developer), we’re small but agile and planning on expanding the team more throughout 2017.

What are the current trends in mobile apps?

One of the biggest trends in mobile apps currently is Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Games like Pokemon Go and Ingress and devices like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR are gaining more adoptions every day. Apple has recently announced a tool called ARKit capable to provide advanced augmented reality capabilities on iOS natively, so it will drive fast and more stable motion tracking to our devices.

Also wearable devices are getting more attention. Every year manufacturers improve their capabilities and design, moving from horrible lumps of plastic to watches capable to express your personality and design.

In terms of what’s coming, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be the next thing. Tools like Siri, Prisma and Google Now are getting better every year and it’s leading into products like Google Home (‘Ok Google’) or Amazon Echo (‘Alexa’). Now it’s Apple’s turn, with the recently unveiled HomePod. These devices are always listening for their wake word and are capable to learn more about you and send queries and commands to the cloud to satisfy your requests.

What projects are you working on now?

We do a lot of work for some of the UK’s biggest digital, marketing and advertising agencies under a white label basis, so most of this we can’t disclose. But they include lots of high street chains you have will most likely have eaten or drank in.

As well as our white label clients, we work directly with companies from big global brands, local businesses down to new start-ups, covering not only their mobile app design and build, but also branding, print and digital design for them.

Currently we are working on a range of home automation control (internet of things) apps, smart meter systems, an app for a traffic management and road working provider, as well as a social app for sports locations and events. Then on the games side of things we’re working on an augmented reality app for a company in Norway as well as starting a new cross platform game for a new start-up… so in short, it’s busy times!

Why did you choose to bring Sync Interactive to Digbeth and the Custard Factory?

We were looking for a bigger office to allow for further growth as well as moving closer to the centre of the creative, digital and marketing heart of Birmingham. With a lively and vibrant community in the Custard Factory, great office space and lots going on in the area, as well as already making some great connections with some fantastic other agencies nearby, it’s been a great move!

Find out more about Sync Interactive’s range of services on their website

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