NEW TO THE CUSTARD FACTORY! Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade! - Custard Factory

NEW TO THE CUSTARD FACTORY! Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade!

Posted by Chris Pettitt on August 02, 2017

Next-level gaming has arrived at the Custard Factory with the mind-blowing Matrix Virtual Reality Arcade!

Gamers of all abilities can come and experience “maximum immersion” with a wide variety of exciting games including shooters and horror, all in the fun and quirky environment of the Matrix store!

The innovative new VR arcade, located right at the heart of the Custard Factory’s new courtyard, is a fantastic addition to the creative community and the Matrix team have big plans to introduce VR movie experiences and more alongside the gaming!

Come and test your razor-sharp abilities against friends, family or perhaps just the game itself – choose from dozens of titles available to play in-store now: racers, shooters, sports and lots more.

Matrix Virtual Reality proudly provides the highest spec computers on the market (the premium HTC VIVE) for the ultimate VR and gaming experience. You can also purchase your own VR equipment and accessories through their online store!

Keep an eye on the Matrix website ( for special discount codes and offers. You can also view a price list, book a gaming session, buy VR goods and check out the latest games.