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Trumping Your Competitors: How To Use ‘Fake News’ To Raise Your Online Presence

Posted by Chris Pettitt on February 27, 2018

It was revealed at the tail-end of 2017 that the Collins Dictionary’s word of the year was Donald Trump’s much-parroted phrase ‘Fake News’, a term the US President uses disparagingly for anything he doesn’t like the sound of. Yet, his innumerable detractors would argue there is actually no bigger peddler of ‘Fake News’ than the architect of the phrase himself.

It’s perhaps easy to forget amid the roar of a thousand Twitter users thumping their keyboards in response to DJT’s latest 280-character diatribe, that Trump made his name as a reasonably successful businessman. And therefore it surely must follow that the communicative strategy he is so mercilessly parading to the world as President is one grooved in the commercial sphere he spent so long inhabiting. In that stark truth, there are surely lessons we can all learn in our own marketing endeavours.

Like Trump, try stripping away the fluff and tell people what they want to hear. ‘I have what YOU need and I can give it to YOU now… and I can do it cheaper than everybody else.’ Your message is vague, but it cuts through. Twitter has ushered in an age where consumers don’t want complicated discourse – they want the bare bones.

So oversell your core strength – ‘nobody can match our sophisticated comparison software that instantly retrieves quotes from over 50 local traders and ranks them accordingly to best suit your requirements’. Perhaps a competitor CAN do the same, but you don’t need to say that. The leader of the free world wouldn’t.

Engagement is the key. Depending on your point of view, Trump is either a principled and noble statesman or an ogre-like manchild. But what nobody can deny is that he engages his audience. People listen, read, devour his message – and that gives him a platform to sell ideas.

Your business needs a voice, and if it sounds like all the others it will soon get lost in the din of the marketplace. Develop a polished and savvy social media strategy that identifies immediately who you want to speak to and tell them what they are itching to hear – that your product is going to make their life better – and then have the confidence that it will. In Trump’s Post-Truth world, there is actually no commodity more valuable than truth itself.